This is what I should have said

© dietintenfisch

This is what I should have said

But didn’t.

This is me turning back time.

This is me creating an alternate universe.


Where you treat me with respect and don’t break up with me via E-mail,

Where you’re decent enough to at least give me a call from the long distance.

Where you don’t tell me that you love me, only to dream of someone else.

Where I tell you all the things I hate about you;


Like your constant tardiness,

Like the fact that you order for me without asking me what I want,

That you think all Austrians are rich and can afford everything and that I am spoiled,

That you lure me in and tell me things I want to hear, and you make me believe them because

you want to believe them yourself.

That you lie to me to lose your virginity.


This is what I should have said, but didn’t;