Closing Arguments

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My Lord, Members of the Jury,

My client is not at fault in the matter at hand; without a doubt he has fulfilled his duties as a caring husband in every situation. He has given a pledge a long time ago and he has stuck with it until this day; to honour and to love, to support and to cherish his wife in good times and in bad, in sickness and in health until death do them part. Why he is being prosecuted and blamed for the end of his marriage is beyond me.

In the situation of interest here, the vacation in the Italian hotel with the cat in the rain, my client did not only listen to his wife attentively, he also offered to fetch the cat for her that she so desired. How could he know that she would decline his offer so harshly and without any sign of gratitude? It cannot be held against him that he then replied to her rudeness with equal rudeness. For he noticed that his spouse had no interest in building bridges over the abyss that had opened between them; no she made them collapse. Investing in someone who has no interest in doing the same for her partner is not only frustrating but also pointless. When faced with someone who doesn’t speak their mind honestly, who doesn’t express herself clearly but expects her husband to know what she wants without telling him; powers of divination are required. A marriage is not a world of fiction and fantasy though; it can only rely on communication through language. If one of the partners is not able to interact in a way that causes understanding, communication breakdown will occur. My client’s wife’s inability to communicate successfully due to her immaturity and inability to address reality, has led to this communication breakdown in this situation.

As the prosecution has argued, the cat was not the issue for the separation, but it served my client’s wife as a tool of expressing discontent about her life in general. It might have, it did not, however, enable my client to lessen the burden of his significant other, as she spoke to him about a cat and a cat only. If she meant to express her frustration with her life or her marriage, she should have done so directly, instead of metaphorically. My client literally did not know what his wife meant when she spoke to him about her desire for getting that cat in the rain.

He nevertheless generously offered to get the cat for her because he wanted to satisfy her, he wanted to fulfill her every wish. Even though he could not grasp the underlying meaning of his wife’s utterances about the cat, he was still perceptive enough to grasp that she was unhappy in this situation and as he believes it is his job as a husband to keep his wife happy every second of every day, he tried to do so but wasn’t able to, as she rejected his help. Precisely at the moment where he offered his support, she seemed to have decided that she didn’t want or need his help and, thus her nagging about the cat and her underlying motive of him getting it for her, seems to serve no purpose at all, other than being an annoyance to her husband. Therefore, I argue it is her fault and her fault only; that this marriage has come to an end.

Thank you for your attention.



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